Transfer Google Play Music Playlist to YouTube Music

How To Transfer Google Play Music Playlist to YouTube Music?

Transfer Google Play Playlist To Youtube Music

Do you know?

This year Google is going to crash the application Play Music, and completely replace it with YouTube Music. For the easy transfer of the playlists, the company has announced a source that can be used by anyone who has ever used Google Play Music.

Basically, it will transfer files such as uploaded songs, playlists, liked songs, and recommendations from Play Music to YouTube Music.

Before going through the procedure, keep in mind that it might take a while until library migration is available to you. Since all your data requires to be copied, maybe google is fighting with the insufficient server limits.

You will receive an E-Mail and a Pop-up Notification on your Gmail as well as Play Music App when the function will be available for you.

Migration From Web

If you want to transfer the playlist from Web then visit to transfer the files. If it will be available for you then you can process further or it will be mentioned to wait for your turn.

If it is available for you then the website will show you which data it’ll transfer in which order. Click the transfer button and then wait for some time or you can explore the YouTube Web as well! a pop-up will be there which will let you return to the progress report of the transfer. It takes the time similar to the Mobile YouTube App.

For me it was not available till date.

Google Play Playlist transfer to youtube music by android inspector


Migration from Android or iOS

Firstly make sure that the Pre-installed YouTube app is updated.

If the transfer tool would be available for you then you will be able to see the message on the home screen of the YouTube App, telling you that Google Play is Going which is the indication to start the Migration. Click on “Let’s Go” which will take you to the page which will show the manner in which the files will be transferred. If you are a Google Play Music Subscriber then your subscription will also be transferred.

When you are ready for the transfer then Tap “Transfer”, then a banner will pop-up to explore YouTube Music.

Firstly, the migration tool will transfer your recommendations so you can start enjoying personalized mixes on YouTube Music before the full transfer is finished.

Tap the banner mentioned there at the top bar to watch how far your migration has proceeded.

As mentioned earlier, my turn hasn’t come yet for the migration process 


What if some of the songs from your playlist doesn’t show up?

Though all your songs will be transferred to YouTube Music so if any of the songs are not showing up on YouTube Playlists, it is because of the Licensing Policy of the YouTube Music.

Google says that this is a very rare case. Google also says that if any of the songs got disappeared from Google Play Music then it might appear on YouTube Music.


What if I am already a user of YouTube Music?

No data gets lost when you made the switch. Instead, your libraries will be combined intelligently.


What if you are a free user? Can you Migrate?

Mmmm…Yes, you can switch to YouTube Music from Google Play Music. On YouTube Music you can play your uploaded playlists in the background, and you can download them also. But the casting capability will be Limited, though, you can’t demand an Assistant equipped speakers to play your uploaded songs, so it would be better to cast your playlist via the Android app.


What about Podcasts?


Android Inspector


People use Play Music to listen to podcasts, but that format isn’t supported by YouTube Music. You can instead export your subscriptions to Google Podcasts. Once the migration tool is available for you, you can visit to exit the separate transfer.

The podcast player can be seen on your Android phone as a portion of the Google app, but if you are interested in a dedicated launcher icon then you can get it from the Play Store. There’s also a web interface.



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