Android is reasonably the most adjustable OS’s considering about every one of the different limitations forced on its portable partner, iOS. You don’t have to root your Android device or glimmer a custom recovery and ROM to flavor up your home screen. In case you’re significantly worried about the pre-introduced custom UI’s home screen format from your device producer and wish to change its look, all you need is to download a standout amongst other Android launchers.

Android launchers give a simple method to change the vibe of your Android phones in a snap – avoiding away from all the specialized side of things. Need something close to stock Android? There’s a launcher for it. Something negligible? Entirely adaptable? There’s an Android launcher for that. On the off chance that you’ve quite recently snatched another device and need to add more style to your device or are simply exhausted with your present home screen, you can pick one of these Android launchers. Regardless of whether you have outstanding amongst other Android telephones out there, there’s consistently an opportunity to beef things up absent a lot of overhead.

For new android phone owners, make certain to look at our thorough rundown of the best Android applications, which includes applications in different classes from online media, music, to dating, to podcasting applications.

Here is our rundown of the Best Android Launchers 2020 that you can introduce today to change your device’s home screen design in not more than seconds!

Nova Launcher

Best Android Launchers 2020


Nova has gotten inseparable from the best Android launchers for a long while. It’s intensely adaptable, allowing you to change various things from application symbol style, symbol size, application cabinet, and substantially more. Include support for symbol and topic packs, and you open up a totally different universe of customization prospects. Nova is light and quick also notwithstanding its wide cluster of customization choices.

The superior variant gives you many more approaches to modify the launcher to your favored look and feel. It’s likewise perhaps the most upheld Android launchers, with new forms coming out quick, and there’s a dynamic customization local area. Likewise, you can back up your customization settings for a simple rebuilding when switching devices or resetting your Android device.

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AIO Launcher

Best Android Launchers 2020


AIO Launcher does things any other way than regular Android launchers. It includes a data stuffed design in one screen most eminently, rather than a standard home screen. It incorporates a few classifications covering everything from your regular applications, notices, dialer, post box, a control board, and other supportive data. All your applications are only a swipe away – you can swipe forward or back.

You tap the catch to dispatch an application. On the rundown is a framework data segment. An inquiry button lives on the base left, with which you can look at other applications, contacts, and even data on the web. Holding the pursuit button opens settings, and swiping it will open the speedy dispatch menu. The superior form opens Android gadget backing, subjects and UI tuner, symbol packs, custom text dimension, to give some examples.

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Microsoft Launcher

Best Android Launchers 2020

This launcher is significantly centered around usefulness, making it a commoner in the rundown of best Android launchers. Swipe left, and you track down a keen card made out of a few segments, including errands, tacky notes, a schedule, regularly utilized applications, screen time utilization, and ongoing exercises.

The smart card can be a convenient method to stay aware of your most recent errands in case you’re into the Microsoft ecosystem. You can likewise adjust to add or eliminate gadgets. Customization is additionally accessible on the launcher, with alternatives to tweak your home screen, signals, application cabinet, symbol shape, the status bar’s permeability, and give some examples.

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Poco Launcher

Best Android Launchers 2020

Poco Launcher from Xiaomi incorporates a marginally adaptable home screen. The launcher flourishes for its easy yet recognizable UI. It comprises an application drawer that is only a swipe away, and you can undoubtedly discover applications by swiping through the various classes. Poco Launcher permits you to modify the foundation, application straightforwardness, symbol size, application cabinet, and oversee application classes.

It upholds symbol packs to utilize custom symbols if you incline toward those over Xiaomi’s symbol style. Poco Launcher is allowed to download and is ad-free.

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Launcher iOS 14

Best Android Launchers 2020

On the off chance that you need your Android to copy iOS 14’s UI, this launcher will help you. Launcher iOS 14 highlights an iOS 14 design from the lock screen to the control place, activities, backdrops, and gadgets. You can stow away applications and redo a few parts of the design, like what is accessible on operating system 14 somewhat.

Tweaking your Android home screen is an easy decision with the best Android launchers. Need a moderate launcher? Attempt Niagara, something that imitates iOS 14? Go for Launcher for iOS 14. The large launcher is great for the old, and Lawnchair 2 gives you a Pixel launcher-like insight. Microsoft Launcher is your go-to for usefulness and Nova is for those searching for an intensely adaptable Android launcher. Niagara is for those looking for an entirely different encounter. While you’re sprucing things up, do look at the best backdrop applications for Android as well.

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Lawnchair 2

Best Android Launchers 2020

On the off chance that you extravagant negligible Android launchers, you ought to go for Lawnchair 2. The UI is spotless and smooth similar to Google’s Pixel launcher. Lawnchair 2 highlights symbol pack support, which permits you to utilize other custom symbol packs based on your personal preference.

It likewise upholds versatile symbols, movable symbol sizes, and, in particular, is a simple Android launcher to tweak. Lawnchair 2 is sans altogether and is a go-to application if you’re searching for a Pixel launcher-like UI with customization choices for the home screen.

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Big Launcher

Best Android Launchers 2020

Big Launcher is an easy-to-utilize android launcher for senior citizens. Symbols are enormous and have particular shadings that guarantee it’s simpler to separate between a small bunch of applications included on the network-style home screen. It also focuses on seniors’ fundamental applications, including the dialer application, messages, exhibition, camera, and an SOS button. There’s a catch that takes you to the application cabinet also.

The intensely contrasty home screen is additionally ideal for clients with vision issues. Big Launcher offers a modest bunch of customization choices, including text size, full-screen show, route bar, safe boundaries size, and others. It keeps it straightforward, so it doesn’t get overpowering for the older. A one-time charge opens extra approaches to alter the launcher.

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Niagara Launcher

Best Android Launchers 2020

Niagara is a new android launcher, however, its novel methodology has made it climb the positions to get outstanding amongst other Android launchers. Niagara sports an advanced negligible UI, smooth liveliness, and is extremely perfect. You pick your most loved applications that will live on the home screen and explore some other covered-up application by tapping the upward letters in the order style route menu. Warnings from your most loved applications are incorporated into the launcher permitting you to answer without opening an application.

Niagara is adjustable, however, your alternatives are restricted given its moderate nature. It upholds gadgets, inserted notices, motions, several alternatives to modify the look and feel of the launcher. Most additional items like schedule and climate gadgets progressed customization choices, spring-up gadgets are bolted away behind a paywall. To adjust it, Niagara is absolutely ad-free.

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