Top 5 Applications For Mental Peace

Apps for mental peace

Top 5 Applications For Mental Peace

Life is getting hectic these days and we all want to get rid of this, but somehow we ourselves are responsible for the mental stress we have. One of the biggest and common reasons is your mobile screen. But do you know that you can utilize this problem for your mental peace?

mental peace

Android Inspector has scratched out a few apps for your refreshment.


My Oasis

My Oasis

My Oasis engages you to create your private floating park in the sky and inhabit it with animals and plants. Collect hearts by tapping anywhere on the screen and use those to get more creatures, plants, aircraft, and improvements. My Oasis has a whimsical aesthetic that makes you feel like nothing could ever go wrong. Accessible for iOS and Android.

LINK- Click Here



Terrarium - android inspector


The terrarium is an app where you can manage your own glasshouse. You can collect oxygen bubbles that are released by your plants, enabling you to level up and select various types of plants. The higher you level up, the higher the oxygen bubbles you have, and not only can you get more plants, but also manure and bug repellant. Double and triple the volume of bubbles you can get by viewing short in-game advertisements. Available for iOS and Android.

LINK – Click Here


Best Mindfulness apps Headspace - android inspector


The main center of Headspace is meditation. When you register, it begins by first getting to distinguish you by asking a few questions about your knowledge about meditation. You’ll then decide the time of day you like to meditate the most and the application will set a reminder to start sessions lead by different people that vary in length.

Available for iOS and Android.

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Calm - android inspector


Calm asks you how you’d like to let off steam, and begins with a peaceful voice talking you through simplistic things you can do to reduce stress, like sitting up straight, breathing exercises, and meditation concourses. There are also a fraction of well-being tracks that you can pick from, like a tape of Bob Ross as he’s painting, natural tones, and the effective Sleep Stories that involve bedtime stories that support stress release, lower stress levels, and bring on a deep nap. You can start with a 7-day free trial, and then you pay $59.99 per year for primary access.

Available on iOS and Android smartphones.

Link – Click Here



Aura - android inspector


Aura is a mindfulness meditation application that is more like your personal mindfulness and meditation guru. The application was designed by leading therapists, self-help gurus, and meditation instructors and offers users daily micro-meditations that can help level your spirit. These micro-meditations only last 3 minutes each, meaning you can add some mental health-boosting meditation workouts into your day no matter how busy you are.

Other great features in the Aura app is that it includes a mood and emotions record, appreciation and gratitude log, and daily meditation challenges and games. These challenges increase up your skills day after day advising you to learn and develop your meditation methods further. Another cool Aura highlight is the relaxing tones playlist that combines lots of soothing tracks chosen from the outdoors and other general sounds of nature.

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