Android ‘Hacks’ Without Rooting Your Device

Android ‘Hacks’ we can do Without Rooting Our Device



Rooting would be the best option if you want to utilize the potential of your device. But rooting also has some of the disadvantages after all it is illegal also.

While you Root your phone you should have full trust in the developer method that it does not have any harmful code that can promote backdoor access. Rooting a device is a method that, must bypass any security standards that the device’s company installed into the device.

Rooting any mobile phone isn’t as simple as installing an app and using it. Most of the time the rooting process fails in between because of various types of errors a user faces while rooting their phone, which may cause the permanent failure of the device.

Though Rooting any phone violates the terms and conditions of the device’s company and also the warranty of the device will be no longer valid.


Play Favorite Old Games Using an Emulator


Play your favorite childhood games on your device just by downloading the emulators and converting your phone into N64 anytime you want to.


Re – Configuring The Navigation Keys

These days phones have an in-built feature of re-configuring navigation button, but in case if your phone doesn’t have this in-built feature then there is nothing to worry about you can download the application from the highlighted text, through which you can re-configure your device’s navigation button.

Go through this link and you will get many similar apps like this.


Controlling your Desktop Computer Remotely



First Download Chrome Remote Desktop for your PC. Once this application is installed, the interface will lead you through a string of prompts. Just obey the guidance and allow the application permissions it requires, and you’ll be able to operate in no time.

After Chrome Remote Desktop is fixed, you will be advised to implement a 6-digit PIN. Memorize this number because you will require it to access your desktop from your Android device.

On another hand, download the Chrome Remote Desktop app in the Play Store on your phone. Just download the application, run it, hit the name of your desktop you just configured, and then type the PIN you organized.

✨✨Now control your PC working on your mobile from anyplace.


Screen Recording

Mostly, the latest and the upcoming phones have an in-built feature of screen-recording depending on the company which is also a major cause of people rooting their phone.

Many device companies do not provide a screen-recording option yet. So if your phone does not have the in-built feature then there is nothing to worry about you can simply download an appropriate application from the play store.

One of the apps is AZ Screen Recorder. This app is just lit🔥🔥 , custom-built, and has extra features such as a timer that runs together for videotaping your screen workings with professional type experience. It combines with the phone’s camera and you can even write and draw on the screen during the video recording. While other screen recording applications only allow basic recording features, AZ Screen Recorder lets you customize videos according to you right inside the application while recording.


Using “Edge Display” on your Phone

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge began with the Edge Screen Display, a style of showing notifications by brightening the pixels on the beveled edge of the display. Everyone instantly accepted that this was the sexiest form of receiving notifications possible, but the S6 Edge’s bizarre appearance executed the full Edge Screen Display outcome impossible to replicate on other android devices.

An app called Edge Color Notifications produces a couple of sidebars on the corner of your display that very similarly replicates Edge Screen Display. Maybe, it’s not foolproof because of your non-S6 Edge device probably doesn’t have an edge screen that encircles around the edges of your mobile, but it’s a much alike the Samsung S6 Edge.


Changing the DPI 

If your phone is rooted then it would be easy to change the DPI, but if you have a non-rooted phone then also you can use this feature and it is pretty easy. Today many mobile phones provide the DPI changing feature, though many phones even don’t there is nothing to worry about I will make you know how to utilize this feature of your phone Step by Step:

Step – 1 -> Go to Settings> About Phone and then tap on “Build Number” 7 times to activate the developer options.

Step – 2 -> Enable USB debugging from Settings> Developer Options.

Step – 3 -> Download and install ABD drivers and minimal ADB for Windows. After the installation of Minimal ADB, a command prompt will appear. Leave it Open till the process ends. You can download it from the link mentioned below.

Step – 4 -> Connect your Android gadget to the Desktop. A prompt may appear asking you to allow the Desktop for debugging, and you have to hit Ok.

Step – 5 -> To adjust the DPI you have to go back to the Minimal ADB command prompt window and do the following command:

adb shell wm density “DPI”

 adb reboot

Note: Find the line where the “DPI” is placed, replace it with the value you’d like to apply. A lower DPI implies more data represented on the display. A higher DPI will give the contrary result.

Step – 6 -> Your android device will automatically restart and you will see the transformation in place. If for any purpose you need to reset the DPI back to the initial, go back to ADB and type:

adb shell wm size reset

adb reboot



The Android operating system has evolved a long way in terms of what it’s capable of performing without customization. While improved safety characteristics are making devices tougher to root, this downside is compensated by the unbelievable level of independence you can accomplish with an Android device. Everything that would have earlier required complex change is now as simple as downloading an application and hitting several settings.

These are our preferred rootless Android “hacks.” If you’ve got any extra beneficial hacks, kindly let us know through the comment box.



How To Check Your Phone is Hacked?

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