How To Increase Speed Of Your Android Device?

How To Increase Speed Of Your Android Device?


Tips and Tricks To Increase Cell Phone's Speed


Cell Phones get older day by day. Not only physically, but long term usage of the cell phones also make them laggy in other words if you are using your cell phone from a longer period of time the performance also decreases along with its physical condition.

Here comes the stage where many of the users think about changing their device or to speed up the device they are using for years. So the question arises in the mind of the user that “I should upgrade or increase the cell phone speed by performing a few tricks.

If you have been wondering the same then you are lucky! You may be able to save your device by performing several tricks.


Cell Phone Speed – Uninstall Unnecessary  Apps

Because of the temporary use of any application, we download it without even thinking once, and then we forgot to uninstall or disable it which not only consumes our storage, and maybe it consumes the cellular data by running in the background.

This also creates the cache memory in the device. Every mobile phone owner does this mistake. If you will check your mobile phones then you will find that 30% – 40% of apps are useless which you rarely use.

Unused apps create hogs, so it would be a better option to get rid of them! You can uninstall them by accessing the app manager in your settings, or by long-pressing apps in your drawer and pulling them to the “Uninstall” section. If you want to keep them apps then you should use the “All in one” app available on Playstore. These apps consist of various applications inside it that you delete after the reduced performance of your phone.


Cell Phone Speed – Don’t use Live Wallpaper


live wallpaper -

Basically cell phones have an inbuilt feature of Live Wallpapers, but many of the users download them from Third Party Websites or Apps to meet their satisfaction level.

Yeah, I agree that these Live Wallpapers are interesting and fun, but most of us don’t know that Live Wallpapers are not exactly the best at keeping our smartphone clean and smooth.

Better you should grab a normal image for wallpaper.


Cell Phone Speed – Clean Your Storage


storage -

We have stored various types of documents in the internal storage of our devices. Mostly those files are photos, music, videos, etc. Go through all and hunt for the useless ones and delete them which are taking space for no good reason, like photos of your ex 😜 just kidding.

These files fill up the internal storage of your device which affects the performance of your phone.

In simple words, I am trying to say that we should keep the internal storage as tidy as possible, to protect the cell phone’s performance.



Cell Phone Speed – Clear Cache Data


cell phone speed -

Cached Data actually makes your device fast by storing applications data locally which makes the application work faster.

Applications work fast because cache data of each and every app is stored in the internal storage of your device which reduces the loading time and avoids the requirement to grab the same bits from the Internet every single time you enter a website or app.

But the main issue arises here that cache memory gets older with the time which becomes larger in size and has a heavy impact on your internal storage that reduces your device’s performance.

So it is better to clear the cache data of your cell phone from time to time.


Cell Phone Speed – Software Update

software update -

Always remember that software update is not always about new features.

Mostly the main aim of these OTA upgrades is to remove bugs and introduce performance enhancements. Make sure that your phone is always on the latest version.

Every time when the new software update will be available the device will notify you.




Cell Phone Speed – Rooting Your Device

We can say that rooting is a way to access the world of possibilities. After rooting you get full access to your phone where you can install Cleaner ROMs that will keep your phone run smoother. You can even possible to overclock the processor and make it work extra hard for you, to make the phone work faster.

Rooting your phone is a complex process. It also revokes your phone’s warranty. If any step of rooting goes wrong then you might lose your device as it will make the phone disable by corrupting its software.

So be careful while rooting your phone.


Cell Phone Speed – Factory Data Reset

The only reason that your phone is getting physically old will not be a valid reason to claim for the decreased performance. Your phone goes through a lot while you use it. In that case, Factory data Reset will not be a bad idea.

Factory Data Reset is a method that wipes your phone and converts it into its new form. Keep in mind to back up all the important data before the Factory Data Reset.

You can perform it from the About Phone section of the phone’s settings.


Let us know which of these are the most effective methods for you. Do you know of any other alternatives to make your phone faster? Kindly mention in the comments section below.




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