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How To Extend Battery Life of Your Android Phone


how to extend your battery life - Android Inspector


All the features and specifications and the tasking ability that our android device provides are increasingly impressive, but these come according to the cost you pay.

Every year when the new update in technology comes we expect more and more out of our devices, but the upgrade in battery life hasn’t kept pace with other technological advancements.

That’s Why many people have the question in their mind that “How they could extend their battery life?”

So, in this blog, we are going to answer this question along with some tips and tricks for those who have this question.

Utilize the Internet Cleverly


Internet utilization on your android device also has a major role in battery consumption. Mobile traffic makes up an unbelievable amount of internet users globally. Try to reduce your screen time for using the internet and you will find your battery consumption reduced.

Try to use WiFi over Mobile Data, because cellular data consumes more battery. However cellular data is a way better than WiFi networks in terms of service and browsing speed.

It’s still a good concept to disable your Wi-Fi while you are not using it. Your phone is continually searching for open networks while Wi-Fi is active, and that futile search can wreak havoc on your battery longevity.


Reduce auto-lock time

Your display is the biggest rival to your battery, keeping it off as much as you can is a wise idea. For activating this feature go to Settings > Display and change your Sleep length to be as short as possible. 15-30 seconds is good.


Turn off things you are not using at the moment


Just like when you are stuck in the traffic you switch off the engine of your vehicle because it has so many demerits such as pollution and majorly a huge consumption of petrol, which will lead to the reduction of gasoline. Similarly, the same principle applies when you want to increase your battery life.

You should turn off the features that you are not using at the moment.

Those features are as follows:

Features of Connectivity

If you want to preserve power, then you should always turn off your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Location (GPS) when you aren’t actively using them. If you want to be proactive with power over your phone’s battery, you might even want to try with turning on Airplane Mode when you know you won’t be requiring the phone at all.

Many users leave these specialties running all day without really thinking about it. Switching on Airplane Mode will hit out all of them in one fell dive. Airplane Mode isn’t just for the situation when you are on an airplane, however. If you’re in an area where cell service is irregular, your phone can exhaust a lot of battery power trying to get the best service it can.

Switching on Airplane Mode or switching off your mobile data in support of an accessible Wi-Fi server can make all the difference in the society. If you have the option between Wi-Fi or cellular network, always select Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi consumes far less battery than cellular networks.


Switching Off the Vibration

Vibration is a very good feature of any phone because it lets you recognize many things on your phone when you wouldn’t able to hear it. Generally, your phone vibrates many times in a day because of several reasons such as Incoming Calls, Typing, etc.

Do you know why your phone vibrates?

It’s not any kind of magic😂,  to create the vibrating effect, your device has to whirl up a small vibration motor every time the vibration is required, which can be draining your battery.


Try to use ad-free applications

We should always try to use ad-free applications as they also have a major role in battery consumption. If you prefer running applications that don’t use ads, it can minorly increase your battery life.

If it requires you to use the ad promoting app frequently then you should go for their premium versions, as they will give you better tools and optimizations along with the increased battery life.


Cross on Notifications


Auto Synchronization runs in the background that consumes both internets as well as power.

Don’t let your applications synchronize all of their required information automatically. Prefer to do this manually, or you can limit auto-sync to the applications that require it, can sincerely reduce power usage.

How to take control of auto-synchronization?

To turn it off, go to Settings > Accounts. Pat the three vertical dots in the upper right corner and uncheck Auto-sync data.

You can also manually customize which apps sync and how frequently.


Adjusting Display


Dim Your Brightness

Full brightness is for those who use their device under the full light of the day, mostly all of us use our mobile phone under this circumstance, but why to use this feature after sunset? Turn it back to the normal according to your vision or use auto-brightness.

Activate Adaptive Brightness Mode

If you are the type of person who regularly goes through the full light of the day then you should use the adaptive brightness feature of your phone. This feature automatically adjusts screen brightness based on ambient light to reduce eye strain as well as eye power.


Always keep a power bank


You can get a handy compact battery pack for yourself. These come in all forms and designs.


Kill Apps That You Find Faithless

You need to be careful about how your numerous apps drain battery power. A quick look at Settings > Battery (or, Settings > Power > Battery Use) will habitually expose which app or service is absorbing most of the power.

Recognize apps that regularly drain CPU and battery life. Badly coded apps that connect to the Cellular Network even when they’re not supposed to should be deleted, as should apps that needlessly use up a large number of CPU support. Replace these apps with better-developed apps rather than continue running on less and less battery every day because of faulty apps.


Use Battery Saving Modes


Today most of the mobile phones have in-built Power Saving Feature which can automatically turn off background running of features, manage applications, command settings, and much more. You can find it in your device’s settings, possibly under the Battery section, to find out if your phone has anything like this.




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